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Limited Offer:  If you order ead one mother's heartwarming story of how, overnight, she relieved her son's chronic case of eczema.

More pictures of eczema

'After 18 months of watching my baby suffer with chronic eczema, and trying everything else available, this product completely healed him in 3 days. To me, calling it a "miracle" isn't an exaggeration.'

Before and after pictures of eczema. 

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Before and after pictures of her son. 


Pictures at 16 months old and later at 3 years old 


He gained relief from his eczema overnight


  • For the first year and a half of his life his mother watched him suffer in agony. 

  • The eczema was so bad the skin was oozing. 

  • She tried so many cures for the eczema and none of them brought relief.

  • Until one day she came across an eczema cream made in her home town.

  • Ever since she has been on a crusade to tell the world of her great discovery and share the joy of you not having to see your loved ones suffer from eczema.

  • The cream that she used is now available to you. 

  • Some before and after pictures and testimonials of people who have also used the cream.

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Others who have used the eczema cream.


"When I received my FreeDerm HC and used it for the first time, that was the first night my baby got a FULL NIGHTS SLEEP in just under a year!

This product works so amazingly well I've recommended it to my sons full team of doctors.

Thank You so much!" - Holly McFadden Email available 


"I received my jar of FreeDerm HC 4 days ago and this was the first time I had slept through the night in 3 years.  I'm already starting to notice a difference in the look and texture of my skin.  I have new baby soft skin starting to overtake the flaky patches of dryness." 

"I want to thank you sooooooooo much for this.  I have tried every cream and pill my dermatologist could prescribe as well as steroid injections to no avail.  This truly is the "miracle cream" for eczema sufferers." - Annette  Email available

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